PCM Home Appliance Color-Coated Sheet

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PCM Home Appliance Color-Coated Sheet

PCM Home Appliance Color-Coated Sheet

What is PCM Home Appliance Color-Coated Sheet

PCM is a kind of metal composite material, coated with a polymer paint on the metal surface. It has excellent process ability, effectively improves the appearance of the product while increasing the anti-corrosion performance, and achieve some special function.

PCM structure
PCM Tech Specs
PCM Realizable effect
PCM Flow Chart

Lce wash series

PCM appication

Audio and video series

Kitchen and bathroom series

PCM Specifications

Types and codes of color plate coatings for home appliances and hardware processing

PCM Processing method

Our products can be adapted to a variety of processing techniques, a variety of connectivity, breaking through conventional thinking, making innovation endless.

PCM Ordering Requirements

When ordering, users should provide: product name (steel plate or steel strip), grade, surface treatment method, surface quality grade, weight, packaging method, etc. Please confirm or verify the molding requirements when using the product grade and surface treatment method. , stamping requirements, anti-corrosion requirements, to prevent product performance corresponding to the brand and surface treatment methods do not meet the processing requirements.

vcm Usage requirements