Fight Against Epidemic, This Kind of Steel is Recommended

2020年4月20日 作者 powerson metal
Fight Against Epidemic, This Kind of Steel is Recommended

On February 2, Huoshenshan hospital was put into use, and a 34,000 square meters hospital with 1,000 beds was built in 10 days, which made foreign netizens marvel.However, only we can realize the helplessness, this is a race with death to create a record, we do not want to have a similar record.

huoshenshan hospital

But from the perspective of prevention, we also need to do more scientific preparation for such emergencies.As a steel technical grass-roots workers, also to the relevant departments and designers to recommend several useful steel, may be helpful.

antibacterial color coated steel

antibacterial color coated steel

What is antibacterial color coated steel? The antibacterial color coated steel. Its special topcoat design can kill common bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It can avoid environmental pollution caused by bacteria and mold reproduction and reduce the impact on human health. The antibacterial color coated steel are metal paint plate coated with a coating containing a special enamel antibacterial agent. Due to the use of special enamel series antibacterial agents in the coating, the antibacterial colour coated steel has non-toxic and semi-permanent antibacterial effect and far-infrared radiation effect, and can produce more than 99% antibacterial rate against coliform and Staphylococcus aureus, achieving long-lasting and spectrum. Antibacterial effect.

antibacterial color coated steel

Antibacterial mechanism of antibacterial color coated steel

The most critical technology for antibacterial color-coated plates is the presence of silver ions in the topcoat. 1.Interferes with the synthesis of cell walls. The interference effect of the silver ion antibacterial agent on the cell wall mainly inhibits the cross-linking of the polysaccharide chain and the tetrapeptide, thereby causing the cell wall to lose its integrity, losing the protective effect on the osmotic pressure, and damaging the cell body and dying. 2.Damage to the cell membrane. Cell membranes are an important component of bacterial cell life activities. If the cell membrane is damaged or destroyed, it will cause bacterial death. 3.Inhibition of protein synthesis. The process of protein synthesis changes, stops, and kills bacteria. 4.Blocking the replication of genetic information, including DNA, RNA synthesis, and DNA template transcription of mRNA.

antibacterial colour coated steel

Features of antibacterial colour coated steel

The characteristics of low toxicity, high efficiency and fast.antibacterial color coated steel are the antibacterial principle of metal ion dissolution type. During use, the antibacterial agent slowly releases metal ions, and the eluted metal ions can destroy the bacterial cell membrane and destroy the activity of the bacterial protoplast active enzyme, thereby achieving an antibacterial effect.

Application of antibacterial color coated steel

Because the coating can produce more than 99% antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, antibacterial color coated coil are widely used in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, food processing and other fields where antibacterial requirements are strict.