Prepainted Steel Sheet Base Metals

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Prepainted Steel Sheet Base Metals

Prepainted Steel Sheet Base Metals

The base metals for prepainted steel sheet consist of cold-rolled, HDG electro-galvanized and Hop-dip zinc-alu-magbase metal.

Cold-rolled base metal

The prepainted steel sheet processed with cold-rolled basemetal features in its smooth and beautiful appearance andthe machinability of cold rolled steel sheet, however, in caseof any tiny scratch on the top coating may expose the coldrolled base metal in the air and the exposed base metal mayrust soon. Thus, the products of this kind can only be used astemporary isolation measures and indoor materials with lowrequirements.

Hop-dip alu-zinc base metal
The hop-dip alu-zinc base metal adopts the hot-dip zincalu-
minum coated steel sheet ( 50%~60%Al-Zn) as its prepaintedbase metal.
The corrosive resistance of the hot-dip alu-zinc coated steesheet is twice to 5 times as much as that of the hot-dipzinc-coated base metal.
lt can satisfy the processing requirements of rolling, coilingand others processes alike.
Neither serious oxygenation nor oxide scale might appealwhile continuously or intermittently working with an ambienttemperature up to 490°C
ts heat and the light reflected are respectively twice as muchas those of hot-dip zinc steel sheet, and its reflectivity is morethan 0.75, exceeding 0.65(required by the EPA Energy StarStandard) which is an ideal construction materials of savingenergy.

Hot-dip zinc coated base metal

The prepainted steel sheet with hot-dip zinc-coated base metal as its base metal not only has the protective function of zinccoating but also has an isolation and protection function withits organic layer that prevents it from rusting and prolongs itsservice span longer, than that of hop-dip zinc steel sheet. Thezinc content of hop-dip zinc base metal is generally 180 per 1square meters(both sides), while that of the hot-dip zinc basemetal for construction outdoors is 275 square meters per 1square meters.

Electro-galvanized base metal

The prepainted electro-galvanized steel sheet adopts anelectro-galvanized base metal coated and baked with an organic coating. Owing to the thin zinc-coated layer of the electro-galvanized base metal, the zinc content of the prepaintecsteel sheet of electro-galvanized base metal is usually 20/20gm’, and the products of this kind are not suitable for buildinowalls or roofs outdoors. However, it has esthetic appearanceand excellent machinability, which makes it suitable for electrical household appliances, acoustic devices, steel householoappliances, interior decoration. etc
Hop-dip zincalu-mag base metal

Hop-dip zinc-alu-mag base metal means that a certain proportion of trace elements such as Al/Mg are compoundedinto the hot-dip zinc coat or hot-dip al-zn coat. The purposeaims the promotion of the ability of anti-corrosion and cutting edge protection. The public accelerating and exposureexperiments reveal the enhancement of ability in anti-corrosion with a certain proportion of Al and Mg will be significant as several times to more than ten times. Furthermoreanother appreciable benefit of adding the element of Mg isthe promotion in the anti-corrosion on the cutting edges. Theremained film of Mg-Zn after the corrosion promises a bettelprotection for the cutting edges

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